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 Raccoons getting a bit too familiar with your yard ? Perhaps racoons are in your attic. Animal Away Pro P7850, is a battery powered sentry intended to repel racoons, cats and dogs, even skunks. The product, though, really shines when it comes to repelling raccoons and compared to Lentek Yard Contro and Bid-x Yard Gard we we find Animal Away superior. We can trap raccoons, or discourage them from frequenting one's property, but this automatic, battery operated device is simplistic and very effective. Motion activated ,just place Animal Away Pro in close proximity to problem areas and this automatic sentry will trigger high frequency sound, inaudible to the human ear but highly irritating to raccoons and other animals. Waterproof and made from high impact PVC plastic, Animal Away is powered by ... on racoon pest control
If within 90 days you are dissatisfied with Animal Away  contact for authorization. Return postage paid in original condition and packaging for a refund of the purchase price less shipping and any applicable drop-ship or customs handling fees. Be sure to quote the date of your transaction and the S.O.#.
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area of coverage Animal Away Pro P7850
Area of coverage
Animal Away is motion activated and battery powered
Animal Away P7850
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Animal Away brochure Animal Away manual
  • 2x9 volt battery required;
  • 40 ft.(13.5 m)range;
  • audible setting;
  • inaudible setting;
  • motion activated;
  • test button / LED indicator;
  • on / off switch;
  • powerful 90dB ultrasoinc;
  • powerful 125dB audible;
  • cats, dogs, raccoons.
  • 6 month warranty;

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Deter Dogs, Cats and Raccoons - Animal Away.

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Animal Away Raccoons

... a common 9 volt battery to produce a powerful 90dB signal when triggered within a 40 foot range (70 degree arc). P7850 has an 85 square meter coverage area and has a built-in test button and LED indicator. Animal Away P7850, has proven to be even more effective than the standard Animal Away P7850.

Some other possible racoon proofing tips and helpful information you may be interested in: a natural racoon deterrent is said to be mint, peppermint, or other natural scents. In Spring, if raccoons are discovered under a deck, or, in the attic, it's possible you have a mother with kits, so you must be careful. The good news is that they'll probably vacate soon once the young are old enough to move on. Once gone, place Animal Away Pro in your attic to deter them from setting up house again. What about just trapping them rather than waiting for them to leave on their own? Traps are not a simplistic method of control and pose additional, serious problems you may not have considered. Often it is thought that trapping and re-locating raccoons is responsible and humane. Unfortunately the opposite is true. Relocation is cruel and greatly upsets the environment. Raccoons are highly adaptive animals and true omnivores which is why they inhabit so well around humans. In Spring it is important to note that if a mother racoon is physically blocked from her babies , kits, she will stop at no end to rescue them, so use caution and if you inadvertently close off her den separating her kits (you may not realize the kits are pesent), she will do considerable damage to free them. NEVER, corner a racoon, or turn a dog on one because they are ferocious if pushed too far and have even been know to drown opponents when battling in water. Larger predators know the racoon's prowess and will avoid them.

Animal Pro is imported by TESCO Ent. Ltd into Canada and stocked in Nova Scotia so you won't pay any additional importation fees at the time of delivery, we've already looked after that and incorporated that into the purchase you pay. USA orders ship from California so USA customers also pay only the purchase price.

How well does it work ? Actual testimonials:

I gave the Animal Away to my father as he has a very large population of racoons compared to me. For the first time in 40 years nothing has been disturbed around his backyard. I would recommend this device to all. ... I would like another one, ...
Greg Miller
ON, Canada

It worked on the first day I put your product out in our yard and on our deck!! We had a family of 6 raccoons living under our deck for a couple of weeks or so. Their presence surprised us because we live in a residential area - although our subdivision probably encroached on their territory. They were quiet for the most part and, being nocturnal, didn't bother us or our neighbors. But they grew bolder day-by-day and were becoming a nuisance. Your "Animal Away" arrived just days before a family reunion gave us relief that there would be no problems. I highly recommend anyone with similar problems to give Animal Away a try!! Many thanks,

How does it work ? Animal Away has an infrared motion detector that only triggers the device when motion is detected, otherwise it remains dormant and the on/off control button allows you to turn it off if required. Such power saving features mean that battery life of the two 9 volt batteries will last for thousands of activations and with a simple push of the test button you'll know when to replace the batteries . The motion sensing window will illuminate briefly when triggered indicating sufficient battery power. The unit's mounting bracket is moulded to the PVC plastic housing so there's no moving parts, nothing to assemble or lose. Comes with mounting wood screws.

Chafer Beetles attract Raccoons, which churn up lawns to get at them. During October to December, perhaps until March, immature chafer bugs, grubs, come close to the surface where Raccoons then prey on them. Animal Away Pro is useful to deter the hungry raccoons. That said, food is powerful incentive and Raccoons being determined, intelligent and agile will try to get around Animal Away, so it's likely you'll require multiple devices to deter them. Please take advantage of the quantity discount should you decide to purchase more than one Animal Away. Another option is to lay down chicken wire overtop your lawn, combined with one, or two Animal Away. Also moving Animal Away from place to place on your lawn may help to confound the raccoons.

if you would like to return Animal Away Pro What if I'm not satisfied?
If within 60 days from the date of purchase you are not fully satisfied with Animal Away advise me ,then : return the product shipping prepaid, in original condition and packaging for refund of the purchase price less shipping and any applicable drop-ship or customs handling fees.

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