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 The Big Pitcher water oxygenator, by Oxygen Orchard. The big picture for us all? Water, vital for life, is all around yet ironically, clean, naturally healthful water is not. Consequently, we avoid raw tap water and rely on bottled water and water purifiers instead. Harmonizing that,Big Pitcher transforms common tap water into clean, healthful, oxygen enriched drinking water. Benefical for everyone, oxygen enhanced water may be of particular interest for hydration aware persons and water therapy. Oxygen Orchard bills itself "The trusted leader in alternative oxygen therapies",yet Big Picture shouldn't be viewed as a fringe,alternative medicine product, instead as a prime therapy? For many, a chronic state of unbalanced body ph and low level cellular oxygen levels breeds common maladies, particularly cancer. The human body is composed almost entirely of water and according to the premise of Oxygen Therapy,oxygen delivered to cells is essential to combat disease and sickness. The elemental need for every living being is water and oxygen. All people... 
If you are not completely satisfied with please cvontact us for terms of the 100%  money back guarantee.

  • increase oxygen saturation;
  • boost immune system;
  • increase energy;
  • remove chlorine;
  • non-leaching BPA free;
  • 62 Oz (1.8 liter) container;
  • quiet operation;
  • pennies per day operation;
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty

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The Big Pitcher Infuses Tap Water with Oxygen.

...need clear, clean, oxygen rich, drinking water making Big Picture very much a mainstream health product. Drinking water quality in our modern, processed world is certainly questionable and contains negligible dissolved oxygen content. The Big Pitcher can change that.

An easy addition to your counter top, The Big Pitcher is compact, quiet, pleasing in appearance and the effervescent stream of bubbles is an alluring invitation to drink water. Water is crucial for a litany of physiological needs including:headache relief , digestion, youthful skin, detoxification and healthy weight loss. The Big Pitcher continually at hand you'll find yourself drinking the suggested dosage of 50%,even 75%,in ounces, of body weight,per day. This could equate to 6 or 8 glasses of water per day. That could vary depending the amount of water ingested from a normal daily diet. Water imbued with the benefits of clean, oxygen enhanced water gleaned with every ounce.
Product Description: Using a patented saturation process design, ambient air (21 % oxygen) is pushed through a special, diffusion membrane causing air bubbles to rise in columns, transferring oxygen to the water. The bubble action initiates 3 critical factors: elevated oxygen saturation, oxidization of organic particulate neutralizes pathogens, 99% of which are anaerobes and force gases such as chlorine out of suspension - a process known as air-sparging.

How it works: ambient air is steadiy infused by an electric air pump housed in the plastic base which transfers air through a specially designed membrane to water held in the 12" high, acrylic pitcher. The Big Pitcher is constructed from FDA approved materials, is non-leaching, BPA free and holds 62 ounces ( 1.8 liters) of water. Gently invigorates water to 89 % dissolved oxygen saturation in just 20 minutes and will retain it for 3 hours if poured into a portable drinking container. For quality assurance, Oxygen Orchard regularly employs an independent lab to confirm dissolved oxygen content. Water treated by Big Pitcher will be cleansed of about 30 percent of organic solids which drop out of suspension and cling to the sides and bottom. The Big Pitcher is backed by a 3 year manufacturer warranty. Power consumption is 110 volts, 2.2 Watts, or, approx. $12 per year.

Naturally the dissolved oxygen content of healthy body of water varies according to temparature,altitude and other factors, but could range from 5 parts per million (ppm) to 15 ppm million, should you happen to dip from a lake, river, babbling brook, or waterfall pool. The minimum required for diverse and healthy biology is 5-6 parts per million wherein fish thrive. One might conjecture that historically, people settle near bodies of active water; animals prefer not to drink from standing water; crops grow best at river deltas and house plants thrive on water infused with high dissolved oxygen content. Intrinsically life requires healthy, pure oxygenated water as mother nature intended.

Mother nature of Oxygen Orchard,Teri Mathis, while employed as a water treatment technician noted the stark contrast of near-zero dissolved oxygen content of municipally treated water,(chemicals are added to municipal water to remove dissolved oxygen)and that of natural levels of dissolved oxygen in water, embarked on two decades of biochemistry research related to water and dissolved oxygen. Mrs. Mathis has since penned a comprehensive, DRAFT, book detailing the science and history of The Big Pitcher, for release soon.

  • The Big Pitcher freshens your water for exquisite taste.
  • Oxygen-rich water is absorbed by soft tissue in the mouth and esophagus.
  • Extra oxygen helps keep red blood cells healthy
  • Oxygen-rich water washes every cell with healing, cleansing oxygen
  • Extra oxygen helps cells produce more energy.
  • A healthy oxygen balance insures rapid immune system response.
  • oxygen balance keeps body’s pH at the healthy level of about 7.4

There are 4 methods by which to oxygenate water: chemically (hydrogen peroxide, etc), hydrolysis (separates the water molecule using electricity), agitation and diffusion-aeration. Oxygen Orchard incorporates the latter because aeraton-diffusion is the most economic and efficient method according to the US EPA.

Dissolved Oxygen is Healthful and Cleans Tap Water of impurities.

Physics 101, oxygenated water Water as we know it chemically is H2O. Oxygenated water is a physical property rather than a chemical one whereby oxygen from the atmosphere, 21%, diffuses into water. Naturally this occurs as air currents move over lakes; waterfalls cascade; rivers tumble and splash. Consequently, oxygen from air is churned and dissolved in water, imparting many healthful benefits for all living creatures creatures. Further that physiologically oxygen, either the lack, or, presence thereof, plays a vital role in sickness and health repectively. Dr. Milton Helpern, former Chief Medical Examiner of New York City stated: Death, is ultimately a result of a breakdown in the body's oxygen cycle. Dr. Nuland, a surgeon and teacher of medicine, comments, Simplistic though it may sound to a sophisticated biochemist, this pronouncement (above) is all-encompassing. The universal factor in all death, whether cellular or planetary, it would certainly be loss of oxygen.
Alzheimer's Disease is said to be encouraged by chronic,reduced levels of oxygen delivered to the brain. All organs of the body are dependant on supply of oxygen rich blood, particularly the brain. Arguably most of us consume water having lower than optimal dissolved oxygen content. Municipal water treatment plants fight corrosion and prefer a lower dissolved oxygen content of water in that reagard. Average dissolved oxygen content of municipal water suppliesaverage at 4 ppm. Well water, too, is below the level advised by the World Health Organization (WHO). Argueably we're all at risk.
The human brain is 76% water and a brain deprived of water, shrinks rapidly, but is relieved within just moments of consuming a glass of water. Wisely make it a glass of oxygen saturated water.

Enhanced water: Dissolved oxygen cleanses water of minute, suspended particles scrubbing and oxidizing them out of solution. The aerobic, oxidized condition created by The Big Pitcher discourages, even eliminates pathogens, bacteria and viruses that may lurk in drinking water because they cannot flourish, or survive, in an oxygenated environment. The Big Pitcher elevates the oxygen level of common drinking water from perhaps as low as 2 parts per million, to an optimal, natural saturation level of 11-15 parts per million (ppm),that is, 99 percent dissolved oxygen saturation. Natural maximum saturation level in nature, at say, a cascading waterfall could be as high as 12 to 15 parts per million. Gases such as radon chlorine and sulfur are removed by oxygen in water.
Many of us use carbon filtration to purify water of water born paticles, yet it is important to know carbon does reduce oxygen content of water, so The Big Pitcher is superb to use in conjunction with your carbon filter as a post filtration accessory to regain oxygen content.

Water Therapy, an alternative medicine remedy known by ancient cultures for cleansing and detoxifying the body, now newly popular, jibes well with The Big Pitcher. Requiring regular consumption of 1.5 liters of clean, fresh water daily. Alternatley, there's the opinion that perhaps not quite that amount of water is always needed. Point is, clean, fresh healthy water is critical for good health.

A word about oxidative stress and free-radicals: Contrary to what you may have heard, free radicals are actually important for good health and naturally produced by your body to fight infection. Any molecule, or, atom can potentially become a free radical, including oxygen molecules. Oxygen has a weaker bond and may often break from a balanced state of two attached atoms, so is considered a relatively unstable molecule. Separated, the two atoms are unbalanced and to re-balance, will take an electron from a neighboring molecule. In turn, that molecule becomes a free radical and reacts likewise, taking an electron from its neighbor and unless stopped, the chain reaction continues to catastrophe, resulting in ill-health and disease.
Consider that the four most abundant elements of the human body are: Oxygen (65%), Carbon (18%), Hydrogen (10%), Nitrogen (3%), so it makes sense that oxygen free radicals could predominate. Hence the term oxidative stress when the free radical chain reation occurs. Fact is, though, we need oxygen and lots of it, because it is life giving and necessary for balanced, healthful free radical production.
Balance is critical and thankfully, enzymes in our bodies counteract free radical over abundance and are thus termed anti-oxidants, but remember, any molecule can become a free radical, not just oxygen molecules. Controlling enzymes are produced from particular foods called anti-oxidant rich foods. Perhaps they would more aptly be termed anti-free radical rich foods?
Clearly, it's the over production of free radicals caused by external catalysts such as environmental toxins, junk food and a lack of nutrition which trigger free radical production that should concern us and instead achieve balance by consuming foods necessary for production of controlling enzymes along with regular exercise for cardiovascular strength.

What to do ? Chemical physiology is complex ; many studies have been done on oxidative stress and the benefits of anti oxidants which reduce free radicals damage to cells and in the case of krill oil, astaxanthin is the prominent anti-oxidant. We can gain anti-oxidants naturally, it is advised, by eating 5 to 8 servings of fruit and/or vegetables per day. Really ? Well perhaps, but some consider that quite a challenge and pretty open ended, given the quality of food has so diminished, not to mention pesticides, GM (GMO) foods and pollutants, rife in our food supply. So, we balance with top quality nutritional supplements, and select the best possible, natural, nourishing food choices. Some say supplements aren't a good idea and others the contrary. Critically, we do our homework, make informed choices and keep everything in moderation to maintain good health.

Personal trial: For our test , The Big Pitcher has been in operation 10 hours per day, 7 days a week for 18 months. It continues to function very, very well and has provided hundreds of liters of fresh, oxygenated water. Impressively, it has required very little maintenance. Occasionally, and depending on raw tap water quality, the bubbler membrane may need cleaning and you'll know because the bubble volume may decrease and/or you'll notice discoloration of the membrane itself. To clean, pour about a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide on the bubbler membrane and soak overnight. Rinse in the morning and repeat nightly as required and the device will remain in perfect working order. Occasionally, the interior of the pitcher requires periodic cleaning with plain paper towel to remove expelled grime from your raw water source. The grime, actually organic and inorganic particulate, collects on interior walls of the jug as the dissolved oxygen removes it from solution / suspension. Do not use soap to clean the jug. The Big Pitcher lends itself well to your counter top as convenient, reliable source for clean, fresh drinking water enriched with dissolved oxygen.


if you would like to return Big Pitcher What if I'm not satisfied?If within 90 days from the date of purchase you are not fully satisfied with Big Pitcher, request return instructions. Returned items must be sent shipping pre-paid, in original condition and packaging for refund of the purchase price less shipping and any applicable drop-ship or customs handling fees. Items sent shipping collect will be refused, or, collect shipping charge will be deducted from the original purchase price. Product has a 3 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

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