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 We've personally used DAZER-II to repel aggressive or approaching dogs. Ultrasonic DAZER is intended to deter unwanted dogs and prevent undesirable dog behavior. Made in the U.S.A and stocked in Canada by TESCO Ent. Ltd., the authorized Canadian distributor and shipped Canada Post to your door. DAZER is the original, technically advanced, patented device used by postmen, couriers, dog trainers, property inspectors and other professionals at risk of dog attack who depend on a durable, effective product to keep dogs away. Don't compromise for imitation, knock-offs that cannot perform like DAZER. Hand-held, battery operated, DAZER is useable in sub-zero temperatures and summer heat to deter dogs and train dogs to stop barking
If you are not completely satisfied with ultrasonic Dazer, within 60 days from the date of purchase, return it, postage prepaid, and in original condition and packaging for a full refund less shipping and any applicable drop-ship or customs handling fees. Refund will be given upon reciept of product according to the above noted terms.
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Customer Testimonials

Dazer-II is an anti bark and dog training device.
click for detailed photo of Dazer hand held aggressive dog deterrent.
  • ergonomic design;
  • weight 4.4 oz.;
  • Effective to 20 feet;
  • 115db, 25KHz;
  • sturdy belt clip;
  • LED indicator;
  • 9 volt battery (included);
  • Made in USA;
  • 15 years of production!

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Dazer: Repel hostile barking dogs. Ideal for jogging and walking.

...relied on by professionals, it is ideal for cyclists, joggers and pedestrians so don't settle for knock-off imitations because quality and what's under the hood, separates DAZER-II from all others. You want performance and proven reliability when dealing with aggressive and barking dogs.

Battery (included) is a common 9 volt (alkaline) battery and comes with a comprehensive user's guide. Approximately the size of a garage door opener, it's shaped to fit your hand, the activation button positioned perfectly for left , or right hand use, has raised edges making it very tactile. Has a durable, stainless steel belt clip for sure attachment to clothing, belts etc. Made of durable, ABS plastic, DAZER-II is tough enough to last for years. Battery life is estimated to be approx. 1 year based on 1000, 1 second activations.

If you want technology, DAZER-II has it, featuring self-diagnostics to ensure utmost effectiveness. Meaning, if battery level is low, or, if damage to the electronics prevents optimum sound output, the circuitry shuts down and the LED will not illuminate. So you always know where you stand. Dazer-II must be powered by a 9 volt, alkaline battery- only alkaline batteries produce the proper amperage for Dazer-II to function (go with Energizer or Duracell).Steer clear of knock-offs and copy-cats that have small transducers and lower levels of sound which are ineffective. Comparatively, copycat devices will simply emit less sound output as battery level declines and if the electronics are defective there's no signal to advise there's a problem... not what you want.

Dazer should be used by adults only and never be activated directly at, or near, a person's ear.Dazer is intended to deter unfamiliar, aggressive, approaching dogs. Subjecting an obedient, calm dog to DAZER's corrective tone is contrary to it's intended purpose and should be avoided.
How it works: DAZER produces ultrasonic sound from a piezoelectric disc at 115 dB at 0.5 meter reference. The sound pressure level is below the threshold levels of pain for dogs. Instead, the frequency range is at 25 KHz (+ or - 2 KHz). Humans can hear to about 20 Hz to 23 kHz, dogs 60 Hz to 60 kHz. Dogs are startled from a focused state to react in a different manner, usually avoidance of the strange, distasteful and sudden sound of DAZER. Liken it to hearing a smoke alarm, which is 75dB to 85dB (at 3 meters); power saw 110dB.

Personal experience: We've seen the full gamut of response, ranging from running away to indifference and mild curiosity. Mostly though, dogs will lower their level of aggression and/or hesitate/cease approaching. DAZER is not categorically a "magic bullet" and although returns for non-performance are very rare, they sometimes occur.
Professional customers use DAZER-II: by-law Enforcement Officers, meter readers, Fire Marshals and postmen all use the product with impressive results.

What to expect: First and foremost it is important to recognize that dogs differ in demeanor, character, breed, hearing and intelligence, so don't expect uniform reaction. Some highly aggressive dogs may not stand down unless physically disabled - DAZER-II cannot disable a dog.
DAZER is not an aggressive deterrent such as a stun gun, pepper spray or the like. Rather DAZER-II is a passive deterrent that emits high frequency sound that many dogs will avoid . Youtube
Also very effective for quieting barking dogs.New York Times

Some dogs may do harm no matter what and there is no guarantee that Dazer-II will have the desired effect. In a worst case scenario should a dog bite and latch on, place Dazer-II directly against the dog's ear and activate - this may be unbearable for the dog. It may be prudent to pack pepper spray - for example see Fox Labs- for emergencies.

When used as a training aid for your dog, it's significant to recognize results may vary because the dog is familiar with and trusts you so may not immediately drop unwanted behavior at the sound of Dazer. It may take time for the dog to associate the distasteful sound with it's actions. A dog's character, breed, intelligence etc., all play a role, so response could be immediate, soon, or longer. Proper application of training techniques, patience and consistency must be integrated when handling dogs.
DAZER / Pet Agree are highly effective for encouraging house cats to cease negative, destructive behavior i.e. scratching, clawing furniture, and dogs from chewing, barking and the like. Very effective to deter dogs and particularly stray cats from entering your yard, or garden.

Coyotes: although we don't have feed back from customers as to the effectiveness of DAZER on coyotes, customers have purchased the product with the intention of coyote deterrence. Coyotes do have acute hearing and are very reactive to unusual soundCoyotes have an amazing ability to to locate based on sound alone and from up to a mile or more away and have hearing said to be in the 60 Hz range,superior to most dogs.

 Buy Canadian:TESCO Ent. Ltd., is a 100% Canadian company, located in Nova Scotia. We import directly from the USA manufacturer. All customs broker / duty fees are included in the purchase price and returns are sent to us, here, in Canada.
*Orders purchased third party USA re-sellers   are subject to additional customs broker fees at the time of delivery to a Canadian address. Alternately, billing for the import fees may be incurred after the delivery has been accepted. Returns for purchase from a third party USA re-sellermust be sent to the manufacturer in OR.

Dazer and Pet Agree Proven Effective Dog Deterrent

DAZER-II / Pet Agree Testimonials:DAZER testimonials

I am a dog trainer and have 4 Australian Cattle Dogs, or for quick reference, ACDs, all of who are under the age of 5, they are all very high drive dogs and all females, yikes, right. A few years ago I brought in two rescues, they were pretty unstable but I decided to take a chance, anyway no good deed goes unpunished turns out to be true. After having them a year I finally let them out together while I was getting ready for New Year Eve Dinner with some friends and heard the most horrid screaming coming from my yard, the two rescues were ripping at my older female! Breaking up the fight my Husband got badly bit, it took 3 of use to separate them. Looking back if I had my Dazer then the fight would have been over quicker. Through blood and tears and 1000 dollars later, things started to get back to normal, but now have gates everywhere. Not a great way to live... . There were a few more little fights and the barking was getting out of control, so at agility class I was telling one of the instructors that I had another fight and this time came home to blood everywhere... three of them had tore each other up... I was loosing my mind and didn't know what I was going to do. Re-homing was not an option, she said "try... Dazer..." .

I came home with it, the two young dogs, as we were coming through the door, decided to start something with my older girl, well no time like the present: I pushed the button prepared for the worst and like magic they took off, they didn’t know what hit them, it cleared the room - no more fighting! I almost cried. The gates are down, there is no barking and now I take it everywhere I go, it keeps those other unleashed dogs from bugging me and there is no counter surfing. Life is almost Zen here now. One word of caution, keep it out of sight, it works just as good in a pocket as it does out, I made the mistake of pointing it at them one time and now when I pick up my cell phone, or my TV remote, they run and hide.

As a dog trainer I want the environment to correct the dog not some remote, so now I keep it in my pocket and when they counter surf I push the button, they don’t see me or the Dazer and they associate the sound with the counter, or barking, or fence fighting with the neighbor's dog. This little grey box has given me peace of mind.

I have to thank you, I could go on more of how it could have saved my cats life and all and how I so needed this way back when, but I won't. I just need to Thank You; my mind thanks you; my neighbour's thank you; and I am passing the word to any one of my class mates buy one or students buy one I will instruct them on how to use it properly. Thanks again.

Kandy Dumm
Out Back Dog Agility
Cardinal, ON, Canada

Hi Greg:

With summer fast approaching I am noticing an increase in telephone call requests for a Dazer and expect the requests to “jump” as the weather becomes more agreeable and more people are outdoors. As discussed with you, I am employed by the RDCK as a Bylaw Enforcement Officer. The RDCK boundary encompasses approximately 23,108 square kilometers. The RDCK has three Dog Control Bylaws in effect but not all Electoral Areas have a bylaw so the RDCK, in 2005 implemented what we call “The Dazer Loaner” program in which a Dazer is loaned to a person residing in the boundary. At that time the RDCK had ordered six Dazers for the program and over time with many uses later they are starting to wear out.

The RDCK signs out a Dazer to anyone in the RDCK boundary for a maximum period of two weeks so the person can try out the Dazer and see if it meets their needs. We have a binder with a sign out sheet and a variety of photographs that shows the animals behaviour before and after the Dazer is used. We provide verbal instruction on the Dazer use as well as providing a copy of the written instructions. On return of the Dazer there is a comment section on the sign in sheet. Since this program was implemented the RDCK has received positive feed back on the Dazer use and more people are requesting to sign one out. People have used the Dazer for all sorts of reasons such as but not limited to: while they are walking, to prevent dogs from charging towards them/ for use against a neighbour’s dog that may be causing a disturbance with barking, howling or whining/to use on their properties to stop a dog from entering onto their property and leaving unwanted “gifts” or cause damage/to stop a dog from attacking their pets while off their properties/ as a training tool to stop unwanted behaviour in their own pet. I and my fellow officers carry a Dazer at all times when we conduct site visits as we enter onto many properties in the scope of our duties and do not know if there are dogs on site or what type of behaviour we may face. We find the Dazer to be an effective tool to use both during work and at times off duty hours.

The great thing about the Dazer is that it does not cause any harm to any of the animals and is a great tool for teaching and training, just to mention a few uses. It also prevents over the fence disputes from starting or escalating between neighbours when a pet continues to cause a disturbance. The complainant can use the Dazer to stop the neighbour’s dog without saying anything and the owner may only notice their dogs behaviour has suddenly improved.

The Dazer is an effective and humane tool to use.
Thanks Greg,

G Allen
Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Nelson, BC, Canada

Getting chased by a dog when you are cycling ... in the city [is] a different matter [than the country] since you often have no choice but to stop and deal with them. I have found the DAZER II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent to be an excellent product in dealing with dogs.

While products like [pepper spray] are great at teaching a dog a lesson in courtesy, they also have a tendency to create a very angry dog owner... [and] can lead to all sorts of problems, including a trip to the hospital. So, how can you stop a dog without either harming the dog or upsetting the dog’s owner? Use the DAZER II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent and not only will the dog stop in his tracks, but the owner will never find out.

The DAZER II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent stops dogs ... . I’ve used the DAZER to stop everything from Pit Bulls to ankle biters and it really works. However, I doubt it would have any effect on a police or security dog since they are highly trained ... . I’ve owned [DAZER] for about six years. I had to buy a second one a few months ago because I loaned my old one to a postman and he doesn’t want to give it back! .

David Padfield
All Seasons Cyclist

Dear Greg,
By the way, I'm a psychologist and I understand the dynamics of behavior change. If you're using a manual device like Dazer, you have to jump up and "correct" the dog each time it barks as soon as possilbe after it starts barking. This way, it makes the connection between the barking and the "correcttive" tone. You have to do it each and every time, immediately, for a while.

That's why the outdoor automatic device would be better: it would deliver the consequences immediately and consistently. Also, if you begin to get lazy with the manual device, the barking can be expected to gradually revert.

But, the device [DAZER] saved my home life while I was waiting for the super bark free, because I couldn't stand it for another day. It just so happened that it worked like magic, but I still think for most people the automatic device will be better.


Hello Greg,

I ordered a Pet Agree from you ... and I told you how well it worked. I also stated I would provide you with a review. Well, here it is.

After putting up for years with a next-door neighbor who collected barking, yapping dogs, I had had enough. In Nov. 2007, I purchased a Pet Agree from Greg at Tesco Shopping. Within seconds of using the device, I knew it was a wise purchase. The barking dog was approx. 15 feet away (and walking toward me, barking) when I pointed my Pet Agree and pushed the button. The dog immediately dropped it's head, made an about-face and trotted to the entry door of the house. It wanted nothing to do with barking or even being outside! I was utterly amazed at this initial success. However, just to be fair (and certain the Pet Agree worked under a variety of conditions and situations), I wanted to employ the Pet Agree at least a few more times before passing judgement.

Over the next three months, whenever this same dog would commence with it's unnecessary barking, I would put the Pet Agree into action. I am telling you, EVERY time I pointed and clicked, THE BARKING IMMEDIATELY STOPPED! And every time the barking stopped, this dog, the bane of countless days and nights of frustration and agravation, would drop it's head and trot to the back door of the owner's house, wanting to come in from the discomfort.

A second dog (7 month old pup) lives with the barker. This pup has yet to ever bark. It's reaction to the Pet Agree is to look toward me, cock it's head for a few seconds and then walk to the house. I was not experimenting on the pup. It was present when the older dog was barking at the time.

I have taken the Pet Agree with me on walks. Whenever I had come upon a barking dog or a stray that was approaching me, the Pet Agree would bring silence and would cause the strays to immediately change course and walk away from me. EVERY TIME.

As for the range of the Pet Agree, I will say this; The Pet Agree's range extends (for me) beyond 60 feet with 100% success. This I've proved to myself on several occasions. Also, It works through single pane glass (at approx. 30 feet distance, max.). Perhaps the greatest test with regard to strength of signal and desired results achieved was just this week when the neighbor was using a shop vac. The barker was ten feet from the loud vacuum and barking. I was 45 feet away and activated the Pet Agree. The dog twisted it's head from side to side, and as it had done each time in the past, stopped barking and walked over to the house, wanting to be let in.

It's been approx. 3 months since first using the Pet Agree, a long enough period of time (under a variety of situations) to prove to myself with complete certainty the device works. I cannot implore enough upon anyone who has suffered through lost sleep, disrupted meals or lost peace and quiet because of ill-managed dogs to purchase a Pet Agree. Try it and see if it will work for you. Speak with Greg. I read his in-depth description of the product. I also read the numerous reviews purchasers gave regarding their success with it. I bought one and am glad I did. Oh, and by the way, prior to using the Pet Agree, the neighbor's dogs have always enjoyed coming over to me, letting me pet them and play with them (which was very temporary relief from the barking). Even after repeated use of the device, the dogs still come over and let me pet and play with them. So being exposed to the Pet Agree has not affected their attitude toward me in any adverse way. I believe if the Pet Agree was causing the dogs any harm, they would avoid me and avoid coming anywhere near from where the Pet Agree's signal always originated.

...and thank you once again for everything at your end of the original transaction, Greg. Good luck, and peace!

"one happy customer", USA

Dear Greg,
I purchased a Dazer after talking to you directly about your experience with this product in stopping nuisance barking in aggressive dogs. My next door neighbor has 2 Australian Shepherds and a Golden Retriever which are untrained, undisciplined and bark constantly. Our neighbor tried barking collars which emit an electric shock. This worked for about two days, then they didn't seem to mind being shocked and kept on barking. Desperate to be able to enjoy being in my yard without being harassed by constant barking, I purchased a Dazer. I have to admit, I was skeptical that such a small, inexpensive product would work. I am now a true believer! This was the best $30 I've ever spent! I give the dogs a command ("Quiet!") and a visual cue (point at them), and then press the Dazer, hold 2 seconds, release and hold 2 seconds more. They lower their heads and retreat into the house! AWESOME! Now most of the time, all I have to do is simply yell "Quiet" or point, and they stop. Remarkably, this product has worked up to 100 yards away! They were barking at the far side of their yard at their neighbor on the other side. I stood in my screened porch and pressed the dazer. They heard it and retreated. Unbelievable! Thank you so much for giving me my yard and my quiet night sleep back! I am recommending this product to everyone!


Hi Greg,
I did recieve my order, and it works great, I used mine about 2 or 3 times before they got used to it, it only took a week and they are so much quieter. Now I just show it to them, and say "enough" and they stop right away. I'm sure my neighbours are pleased as well.. I had ordered one for my dad...[too]... . My dad recieved his in Nfld also and is very pleased with it. I have 3 chihuahuas and you know how yappy they can be. My sister in law was so impressed with the way mine worked, she just ordered one also. These things are amazing and safe.

Thanks for taking the time to call, Anyone asking I will certainly refer them to your site. Thanks again.


The Dazer has worked so well that I consider it a phenomenal product. My home office looks out onto the neighbors back yard where two large barking dogs have taken up residence,it was hard to concentrate on anything all day long when their owner was gone and the dogs barked at anything including me when I went out into my yard or onto my patio to use the barbeque. The first time I tried the Dazer it worked, two-one second bursts, from inside my house pointed thru an open window at a distance of forty to fiftly feet stopped the barking. After only one week of training the barking has been reduced by 98 %,WOW! I keep the Dazer close to me all of the time to preserve my sanity ... .
Thank you so very much.
A very happy customer,

Ron K.

I am a dog owner and dog lover, and just ordered my FIFTH Pet Agree -- I keep giving them to friends who are amazed when they see how well dogs respond. I always keep one with me, for a purpose I don't see in your other testimonials -- stopping dog fights. My dog can be aggressive at times, and I don't want to see her injure a smaller dog, or get injured by a larger one. As soon as the hackles go up, my finger is on the button. One quick push distracts the dogs, the aggression stops, and we move along.
Thanks for a GREAT product, reliably built and reasonably priced.


Thanks! It came in and my boss brought it to me here in Kiev just this week. I can't believe how incredibly well it works. It's like a "mute" button on a remote control for dogs. I could hardly stop laughing the first day I used it, just seeing that little annoying dog shut up at the push of a button! It's perfect.


Received my Dazer today and want you to know that it is all you say it is. Two zaps the first day and one the second day and now the neighbors dog will not even venture into my yard. My neighbor suspects nothing and we can still be friends. Rarely does a product perform as advertised, yours is an exception. Thanks a million Rgds.


Got it and am happy to say it works. I can finally get my new neighbors 6 pit bulls to shut up so I can enjoy my garden again. I hope others have the same success. Its such a relief to have a little peace and quiet.


Your Dazer Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent device is the best investment in peace and quiet...if your neighbors have out of control yapping dogs, like I had. Not only did the Dazer stop the two continuous yappers in the house immediately behind me, but it also stopped a more troublesome out of control yapper three houses away. For hours on end, day after day, the dogs would work themselves into a barking frenzy. The little mutt terrorists barked at anything and everything, without interruption. The barking got so bad that I could hardly concentrate on my work (in my home based business) or enjoy even a moment’s relaxation in my back yard. I’ve used the Dazer for five days, and the barking problem is solved!

When I first started using the Dazer, the barking didn’t stop immediately, but the dogs’ barking was perceptibly changed right away. I aimed the Dazer pulse at the offending bark, and kept pulsating the button (one second on, about four seconds off) as long as the dog was barking. I always began the pulse with a dog bark, so the dog could learn that its barking caused the offensive sound. It took several barking episodes the first day for the dogs to figure it out. After that, the total barking hours each day became significantly reduced, until now it is 99% stopped. When the one dog did yap today, I zapped it a couple of times while it barked. The now-rare barking stopped immediately, and didn’t resume for the entire day. The dogs directly behind me didn’t bark at all today. Sweet peace and quiet!

The reason I purchased the Dazer (vs. the Bark Free or Super Bark Free) was that it was unclear if either would hear the bark from the yapper 3 houses away, which was the most troublesome dogs. Since I am home most of the time, I knew I could respond every time I heard the bark (vs. relying on a device that wasn’t clear would work at that distance). The Dazer worked perfectly.

Thank you for selling this great device. I love dogs, and appreciate how humanely it solved the problem. It gave me control of the solution, while avoiding conflict with inconsiderate neighbors I have never met.

Colorado, USA

Dazer has been so successful that the neighbor's dog has become nearly completely quiet. Even through a picket fence and at a distance of over 30 feet, I "zapped" the dog every time it barked for approximately three days before it became completely quiet. It's been miraculous, all the neighbors are happy. thanks for the great product... use the testimonial with my blessing. It has changed my life; I was going to have to move


I use packgoats for backpacking. Dogs are a constant concern. I have used one of these for 7 years and they work great! Prepare to get lots of orders as I just demo'd this for the Forest Service and they all want one.Better than ruining some dog owner's day with pepper spray.

I have used it on about 10 dogs on the trail and as an aversive in dog training. The thing I like about it is that very often the owner doesn't even know you've done anything. I do volunteer work for the Forest Service and and I can get the dog away from the goats without raining a fuss. Most owners think that their dog has suddenly become better behaved, somehow.

I had a lab come after the goats last weekend and he never got closer than about 20 feet despite the fact that he was really determined to have goat for dinner.

Carolyn Eddy
Goattracks Magazine

Hello Greg,
The neighbours have a terrier that races to the fence and barks whenever a car arrives or someone enters the carport or side garden.... The barking continues for about ten minutes ... . I started training the noisy dog the afternoon I received the Pet Agree. Whenever the dog charged the fence and barked I said "no" in a firm voice and pressed the button when the dog was about 3 feet away. His ears picked up immediately and he ran off. I repeated it a couple of times at distances of 3 feet to about 15 feet... . Both dogs now ignore me when I drive in or approach the fence no barking at all. I will continue to reinforce over time and when I see them I say "no". I think the initial exposure at three feet might have set the scene. The Pet Agree is pointed through the slats of a paling fence. I am pleased that this episode has been resolved, the dogs still bark on other occasions but it does not annoy me.

However, there is more. I jog regularly around a mountain trail which is also used by dogs that are off the lead. This is legal, but the dogs often charge at me and their intentions are not always friendly. I carry the Pet Agree and have used it to ward off two dogs. At a distance of about ten feet the effect on them is that their ears pick up and they run away from me, albeit growling, but at least they do not come closer.

Thank you or shipping promptly. The device has been a tremendous success, and this is not something that I say lightly. It has ended a long running dispute that I have had with a noisy dog. Thanks again.

N. C.

my wife and I go for a walk everyday. we are constantly being harrassed by dogs that roam free in our town. we used to have a dog bylaw officer/dog catcher, but she resigned. We used to carry a golf club to fend off dogs. We have a husky cross sheppard thats 16 years old, Shes been attacked twice by huge dogs, one a saint bernard, and the other a large malamute. since receiving the dazer, my wife has used it three times so far. The dogs ranged in distance from 10 feet to 30 feet, they react the same way, heads down and cocked,thanks again. We have been telling everyone we know about your product, don't be surprised if you get several orders from this area. thanks again.

A & J. M.

Hi Greg,
...an update on the bird killing cat.[cat has been regularly slaughtering birds in a hedge] The short answer is that the cat received such an initial shock from a single exposure that he has not been seen since. That was about one week ago, and still not return of the cat. The range was about 15 feet, and the effect was immediate. In fact me father tells me that he has never seen a cat disappear so fast. Score one for the birds.
Publish this if you wish, it might help others.

N. C.

if you would like to return DAZER or Pet Agree What if I'm not satisfied? If within 60 days from the date of purchase you are not fully satisfied with Dazer-II, request return instructions by email or phone. Returned items must be sent shipping pre-paid, in original condition and packaging for refund of the purchase price less shipping and any applicable drop-ship or customs handling fees. Items sent shipping collect will be refused, or, collect shipping charge will be deducted from the original purchase price. Bulk purchse of more than 5 DAZER-II will not be refunded; only defective product subject to exchange.

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