If you are dissatisfied with Lentek E-trap contact me then, return it, postage paid, in original condition and packaging for a refund of the purchase price less shipping. Be sure to quote the date of yout transaction and the S.O.#. call 877-823-5776 to order adventus piano suite basic software. the Internte's most comprehensive consumer report.
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Easily rid your windows of cluster flies and lady bugs with E-trap. Lures, traps and kills house flies and other flying insects fast! I've personally used this trap to end a serious cluster fly problem in my home. E-trap quickly eliminated every cluster fly from the window in a matter of an hour or so ! I've tried passive window powder traps and glue board traps, they're slow, messy and vastly inferior in comparison - don't go there ! .

If within 90 days you are dissatisfied with E-Trap Fly catcher contact me ( a RA # may be required prior to returning), then, return it, postage paid, in original condition and packaging for a refund of the purchase price less shipping and any applicable drop-ship or customs handling fees. Be sure to quote the date of your transaction and the S.O.#.
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Fly catcher kills cluster flies and indoor flying insects.
E-trap eliminates indoor house flies, cluster flies and other flying inseacts.
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  • plugs into standard wall outlet;
  • silent operation;
  • wall mount or free standing;
  • ultraviolet light rated for 5000 hrs.;
  • non-toxic, no sprays or poison;
  • .
  • no exploding insects;
  • easy to empty collection tray;
  • two year warranty.
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E-trap eliminates cluster flies, house flies and lady bugs.

... Based on flying insects attraction to light, Lentek's E-trap uses an electric grid to disable lured cluster flies and other flying insects. The device's collection chamber then retains flies until emptied. Unlike other fly "zappers" Lentek's patented technology does not explode flying insects, rather it stuns flying pests so there's no unsanitary insect debris scattered within your home environment.

In my personal trial I installed E-trap adjacent to a window pane littered with crawling cluster flies. E-trap simulates a bright window pane so immediately flies are attracted away from the window to the reflective back wall of E-trap where they're disabled as they entered the area of Lentek's patented electric grid. Stunned, they slide below to their doom in the dehydration chamber.

E-trap Placement has versatile mounting options and can be mounted on a wall or left free standing on most any flat surface, or, may be moved from wall mount to table mount as required. Either way, E-trap will silently and cleanly bring the cluster fly infestation within your home under control. Oh, a little advice, empty the collection chamber out of doors, otherwise any live flies will escape right back inside.It takes time for the flies to be killed by dehydration and you haven't any way of knowing how long flies have been inside the trap - they may still be able to fly.

Customer comment:
"We have had a cluster fly problem from the date of completion of our rural East Tennessee mountain home 27 years ago. ... About seven or eight years ago, the lady bugs also moved into the house with the cool fall weather. Our southwest facing living room with its floor to ceiling 20-foot expanse of glass was a lady bug paradise. When the sun went down in the evening, they left the glass for the living room proper; and after they had cleaned all of the plants of smaller insects they attacked us. I twice got an infection from a lady bug bite -- one flew up my nose and bit me and another flew into my ear cavity and bit me after getting stuck! In January, 2004, I had had enough and went out on the Internet, googling for "lady bug and fly infestations". I found the Tesco site and called immediately. Greg informed me I had cluster flies -- we had never heard of them -- and that his e-trap was excellent in getting rid of the flies. ... I left the e-trap on 24 hours a day. At night, the lady bugs congregated around the light source of the e-trap rather than spreading to the other lights of the living room. I basically got rid of all of the flies and the lady bugs within four to six weeks. I left the e-trap on for another six weeks just to be sure I did not get a re-infestation. This year I will start using my e-trap beginning in mid-October. ... If you have a fly or lady bug problem, I highly recommend investing in an e-trap."

Marie Eckart.

What if I'm not satisfied?
If within 45 days from the date of purchase you are not fully satisfied with E-trap advise me (a RA# may be required prior to returning this item),then : return the product shipping prepaid, in original condition and packaging for refund of the purchase price less shipping and any applicable drop-ship or customs handling fees.

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