Eat Better Dog Dish, stops food gulping.
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  Eat Better Dog Bowl, by Contech, and Drink Better Dog dish are touted to reduce, even prevent, unhealthy canine dining actions such as overeating, gulping indigestion, vomiting, GDV (gastric dilatation-volvulus), bloat and even coprophagia. Coprophagia? that's the nasty act of eating feces. We all love our puppies and juvenile dogs, yet their reaction to solid food is often gluttonous. Even older dogs will ravish their meals. Instinctively dogs have a strong desire to get their share fast, claiming a good portion for survival and with a strong sense of smell, food triggers... Eat Better

If you are dissatisfied with Eat Better (a RA # may be required prior to the return) then, return it, postage paid, in original condition and packaging for a refund of the purchase price less shipping. Be sure to quote the date of  transaction or  the S.O.#.
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Drink Better

Eat Better Dish
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    Eat Better Dish
  • Holds 2 cups of food;
  • moderates eating;
  • promotes healthy eating.
  • durable food grade plastic;
  • resists movement;
  • dishwasher safe;
  • lifetime guarantee.
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Quantity innate ravenous reaction. We train our dogs to temper behavior and success requires focused, consistent repetition and use of quality training aids where applicable - this dog dish accomplishes just that.
Personal use: our young Border Collie was gulping food and sampling feces from the cat's litter box. Why ? Attraction to the scent of undigested food in feces. There's abundant speculation as to
why dogs do this   and for our dog it was undoubtedly related to incomplete digestion and inadequent nourishment due to food gulping. Amazingly, from the very day he began eating from the Contech Eat Better dog bowl, removing feces from the cat litter box completely stopped. No longer gulping food he was forced to eat slowly, taking time to chew, the first stage of digestion, allowing for greater absorption of nutrients. He's never returned, even once to the cat litter box. Neither has he vomited since using Eat Better dish. The Contech Eat Better dog dish is remarkable in its affect on the dog's eating performance and food digestion. I don't doubt this dog dish is great for all dogs, of all ages including high energy dogs and puppies that, in particular, tend to eat fast and veraciously. There is a condition know as Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus"("GDV").  ,or quot;Bloating" that's purported to be the second leading killer of dogs following cancer. There are numerous causes  one of which is rapid eating. Whether or not our dog may one day developed bloat I don't know, but I can say that Eat Better Dog Bowl has dramatically altered how our Border Collie pup eats, so I feel a lot better about his digestion and nutrition.

How does it work? The dish has a raised "X" central design of tear-drop shaped bulbs of slightly varying size. These raised separations force your dog to pick food with his teeth and mouth similarly as it would if removing meat from a bone. The dog's eating is moderated by the separations, and you'll notice the dog chews every bite and eats much, much slower. The manufacturer estimates up to five times slower as compared to a normal open dish dog bowl. The dish has an effective capacity of about 2, maybe 3 cups of food. Otherwise the raised central area will be covered and the dog could eat at will, but would be slowed once more as food reduces and the raised bulbs are uncovered and become a hinderance to fast eating. So, really, the product is virtually fool proof.

Well made ? Eat Better Dish is made from thick, food grade plastic that greatly resists chewing and damage. It's a hefty, solid dish that utilizes 3, permanently imbedded traction stubs that keep the dish from sliding. The dish is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Another nice feature is an arched cut away on the side which allows you to inset your fingers and easily pick up the bowl from the floor and place it down again with one hand. Hey, this dog dish is ergonomic for you and the dog.

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If you are dissatisfied with Eat Better Dog Dish
What if I'm not satisfied?

If within 90 days from the date of purchase you are not fully satisfied with Eat Better Dog Bowl contact 877-823-5776 for return instructions ( a RA# may be required prior to returning the product). Return product must be sent shipping pre-paid, in original condition and packaging for refund of the purchase price less shipping and any applicable drop-ship or customs handling fees.

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