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   Rid your windows of cluster flies and other flies with Fly Catcher; trap and kill indoor flying insects fast! There's been a serious cluster fly problem at our house...until now. Flycatcher promptly eliminated every single cluster fly from the window in a matter of an hour or so ! Take it from me, passive window powder traps and glue board traps are slow, messy and vastly inefficient in comparison - I know, I've tried them. .

If you are not completely satisfied with Fly Catcher within 45 days from the date of purchase, return it, postage prepaid, and in original condition and packaging for a full refund less shipping. Refund will be given upon reciept of product according to the above noted terms.
90 Day

Flycatcher traps cluster flies and house flies.

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Flycatcher eliminates indoor house flies and cluster flies.
click for detailed photo of bronze metal wall mirror.
  • uses standard wall outlet;
  • low noise fan;
  • two speed operation;
  • UV light has 5000 hr. rating;
  • non-toxic, no sprays or poison;
  • .
  • no exploding insects;
  • holds hundreds of flies;
  • two year warranty.

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Fly Catcher for Catching and Trapping Cluster Flies and House Flies.

... Based on flying insects attraction to light, Lentek's Fly Catcher uses inward air flow to hold, trap and kill indoor flies through dehydration. The ultraviolet light lures flies, then, the fan, located beneath the light, immediately sucks them into the dehydration chamber. I would describe the fan as low noise rather than silent as described by the manufacturer. Even large house flies are drawn into the chamber and trapped instantly. Here's how it works :

Seeking escape to the outside flies are naturally attracted to bright lights and usually collect on window panes. During daylight hours, flycatcher is not very effective because windows offer a brighter light source, so don't bother using Flycatcher then. Instead use it at night, early morning, or dusk and it'll fill up with house flies and especially cluster flies.

Placement is important for use with cluster flies, so place fly catcher as close as possible to a window pane where cluster flies accumulate during the day and they will be lured directly to the trap as daylight fades. Cluster flies are rather dormant late at night and likely won't roam to the ultraviolet light - you have to get them when they're still active at dusk or early morning. In the morning you'll find every cluster fly gone from the window ! House flies tend to roam at all hours, so you can place Fly Trap most anywhere and in the morning you'll be sure to find the house fly trapped inside. One word of caution, open the trap outside when you are ready to empty the collection chamber, otherwise any live flies will escape right back inside.It takes time for the flies to be killed by dehydration and you haven't any way of knowing how long flies have been inside the trap - they may still be able to fly.

What if I'm not satisfied?
If within 90 days from the date of purchase you are not fully satisfied with The Fly Catcher advise me ,then : return the product shipping prepaid, in original condition and packaging for refund of the purchase price less shipping and any applicable drop-ship or customs handling fees.

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