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V-200 Dlx.
v-800 & V-500
Visiball Golfball Finders V-800 original golf ball finder glassesVisiball Golfball Finders V-500 fit over glasses
  How do they work?
The underbrush of a golf course is predominantly made up of browns, greens, and blacks (mostly reflecting from dirt, grass, bushes, twigs, etc).
Invneted by an engineer and a nuclear physicist, Visiball Golf Ball Finders use special blue filters that eliminate all visible wavelengths except those at the blue end of the spectrum. These special filters virtually eliminate light reflecting off grass and the dark objects of the underbrush, thus high lighting white golf balls. Most dark objects show up only as outlines while the white golf ball appears to glow with a slight blue tint.
  Product Features:
  • Virtually indestructible frame ensures years of use.
  • Curved arms to ensure glasses stay in place while searching.
  • Deluxe ear guards for comfort.
  • UV protection built in.
  • Contemporary style with rimless frames.
  • Wraparound lens eliminates peripheral light and provides an unobstructed searching field of view.
  • Spectral selective lens eliminates most colors and enhances white objects.
  • Lightweight, durable, scratch resistant polymer lens.

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