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Laptop Laidback use laptop while lying down.

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  Laptop Laidback® There's a Rolodex laptop stand, Belkin laptop stand, even a Logitech laptop stand, but none of them can do what this product does. Laptop Laidback V.3 solves a very unique problem for netbook, notebook , laptop computer users by providing a flat, sturdy work station when lying down or reclining. This adjustable computer stand is particularly useful for persons that are bed ridden, or have other special needs requirements for a computer stand. Great for use while sitting too i.e. at a coffee table, or on the couch, sofa and the like. Invented by a retired Highschool Physics teacher Laptop Laidback is lightweight, compact and fully adjustable. The two side legs straddle hips and... adjustable laptop computer stand

IMPORTANT : 120 Day satisfaction guarantee from If you are dissatisfied with Laptop Laidback within 90 days, return it, postage paid, in original condition for a refund of the purchase price less shipping and any applicable customs handling / duty or drop-ship fees.Applies to minimum quanity orders up to 5 Laptop Laidback stands. Bulk orders of 6 or more are final sales and will not be refunded.
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Laptop Laidback V.3
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Laptop Laid Backversion 3 portable laptop note book stand for sitting and lying down
  • fits any laptop;
  • fully adjustable;
  • strong durable;
  • portable;
  • lightweight, stable;
  • ideal for bed;
  • prevents overheating.

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laptop laid back computer stand for use in bed Canada & USA
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Adjustable Laptop Stand and Notebook Computer Table.

    While the following video is not entirely ergonomically correct, we show it  because it illustrates good applications for this product. Note that several images depict inadequate arm support and some laptop screens are positioned too high.

... thighs, adjust the tabletop angle to best view and operate your laptop computer - it's that easy. Sturdily made from lightweight, glass reinforced ABS, accepts any laptop, sleek and compact it's made for portability. But it's chief purpose is functionality of use in a reclined or lying down position. The high impact T-knob fasteners are fully adjustable and lock-in-place where you set the angle in 5 degree increments. Of course it's very easy to assemble, without tools, in less than one minute.

How does the laptop stay in place ? Will the table top accommodate your laptop ? There are two, 1.5 inch deep x 1 inch wide support ledges to hold your laptop computer in place and because they're sliding you can position them optimally to accomodate various computer functions. Velcro strips are supplied to give your laptop an even more secure position. The angle is fully adjustable hinges.

Physical :The table top itself measures 16 in wide (40 cm) x 11 in (28 cm) high so most any laptop computer will fit Laptop Laidback and has been tested to support 22 pounds. Laptop Laidback V.3, is the newest model and weighs less than 3 pounds. The legs are 22 inches apart, so that's the minimum width for use in a chair, or recliner. Will accomodate persons of up to a 60 inch waist size.

Computer healthy, it'll help your laptop to remain cool because it's designed to encourage the flow of hot exhaust air out of and away from your laptop.

Breaks down easily and is fully self-contained and compact so is readily stored or placed in a laptop carry case. When folded up all parts remain self contained and may be carried using its ergonomic handle.

Laptop Laidback has been designed and re-designed over the years to be the very best and most functional laptop stand for use in a lying , or reclined position and may also be used on a table top horizontally. This truly is a functional, quality product built to last for many years.
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If you are dissatisfied with Laidback computer standWhat if I'm not satisfied?If within 120 days from the date of purchase you are not fully satisfied with Laptop Laidback advise me and request return instructions, then : return the product shipping pre-paid, in original condition and packaging for refund of the purchase price less shipping and any applicable drop-ship or customs handling fees.Has a manufacturer's one year replacement warranty against defects.

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