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 Sand bagging flood control measures just got easier and better- by far ! Quick Dam Sandless flood control Bags are now available in Canada and USA. Flooding is the most threatening natural cause of property damage in Canada and fast response is critical in an emergency- so reach for Quick Dam flood control bags when water threatens. Stores impeccably well, is deployable virtually immediately and ready to dam and divert flood water in just 3-5 minutes. Sealed in high visibility, water-proof packaging this bundle of 6 Quick Dam flood control bags is merely the size of a small pillow, yet amazingly contains 6 sand less sand bags that'll expand to full sand bag size of 12in.wide x 3 in high x 24 in. long, weighing 32 lbs. Designed for ease of use, reliability and quick response, so keep Quick Dam at hand wherever water damage is a threat. Proven effective and widely in use for flood control, this environmentally friendly, made in U.S.A line of flood mitigation products replace heavy, awkward,labour intensive, traditional sand bags, typically used to dam and divert flood waters. Ideal for use by home owners for flood protection around doors and windows, Quick Dam sandless bags have every appearance of a typical,empty sand bag awaiting sand, but, no sand is required ! Instead, this flood control bag .. 
If you are not completely satisfied with  Quick Dam sandbags please contact us for terms of the   money back guarantee.

prevent food damage with Quick Dam flood bags and food basrriers
Quick Dam Flood Barriers and Flood Bags

Quick Dam flood prevention bag award
  • tough UV resitant exterior;
  • easily stored;
  • sealed pack of 6;
  • Size 24" x 12"
  • 3in. high activated;
  • dry weight 266 grams;
  • activated weight 32lb (14.5kg;)
  • biodegradable, inert contents;
  • recycleable, inert outer bag;
  • 5 yr. storage life (unactivated).
Quick Dam garage door barrier flood bag
Flood control Barriers
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Quick Dam sandless sand bag detials.
Flood control Bags
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$51 pkg.6 (24x12) Bags
$185 pkg.24 (24x12) Bags
$42 Flood Barriers 5ft.(two) & 10ft.
$51 Flood Barrier 17ft.

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 Quick Dam USA orders ship from RI

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Quick Dam Sandless Sandbag Flood Control Solution

...is specially stitched all around for strength and reliability, weighs a mere 267 grams and is pre-filled with Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), so is good to go when flood waters hit. When exposed to water the SAP crystals rapidly swell with absorbed water and expand to hundreds of times their size, in just 3-5 minutes, to the mass of a traditional sand filled flood control sand bag. Once engorged, the bags may be stacked, or, aligned to dam and divert flood water. But it gets even better, because Quick Dam flood bags are precisely designed for ease of use so you can react to a flood fast! No longer having to wait and wonder how to stop flood waters and water leakage.

Our trial: We've tested both Quick Dam flood control bags featuring a tough, UV resistant synthetic shell and high quality flood bags having a natural jute exterior. Each perform as described, expanding from a seemingly empty sack to a thirty-two pound water dam "right before your eyes",to coin the phrase, that's far easier to handle than a sand filled sand bag. In each case the swollen polymer has give, allowing for easy gripping, whereas stiff, rigid sand filled bags must be man-handled in comparison. When dropped from waist height on a bare foot there's no harm from the SAP filled, water gorged bags. Try that with a rigid sand filled sand bag! Instead its mass distributes, harmlessly, upon impact. We've dropped an inflated bag from 3 feet, repeatedly, on pavement and it does not split or break. Left for weeks in direct summer sun, the bag deflates through evaporation, but will re-inflated when immersed in water.
Our preference: The Quick Dam bag because:
  • water penetrates the outer synthetic material faster;
  • the synthetic material is more pliable than jute;
  • synthetic Quick Dam bags store far better;
  • the synthetic material is lighter than jute;
  • jute bags are smelly and dusty;
  • jute bags are much bulkier.

Flood Barriers: made from the same materials as Quick Dam bags, but elongated in shape for water diversion at specific areaes such as: garage doors, walk ways, window wells. Quick Dam Flood Barriers have an ingenious wedge incorporated along one edge to prevent the barrier from rolling backward. These Flood barriers may be stacked up to three high and are 6 inches wide and 3 inches high when fully inflated with water and are available in 3 versatile sizes:

  • 5ft dam (pkg. of 2);
  • 10ft. dam(pkg. of 1);
  • 17ft. (pkg. of 1)

How Strong is Quick Dam? Taking things to the extreme, it required the weight of an 18 wheel truck to finally burst an end seam of a fully inflated Quick Dam, across its weak side, or, length of the bag. When passing over the bag at a right angle, width of an inflated bag, it does not break ! So yeah, they're strong.
What about cold Canadian weather? Now, given our sometimes cold spring weather,April, even May snowfall is not unheard of, it's reassuring to know the the sandless sand bags will withstand freezing. Not waiting for Spring, we exposed a fully sodden SAP bag to February weather of -12 Celsius, for 24 hours. Frozen solid, there was no splitting, or negative effect, whatsoever, even when dropped,repeatedly, on a hard surface.

Product Versatility: Quick Dam is fast becoming a leading supplier of these unique flood mitigation prodcts to the USA and Canadian markets. Quick Dam products are suited for municipal governments, commercial property management companies and private home owners including: emergency services, armed services, local authorities, water utilities, business and households; combining ease of storage, fast deployment. Quick Dam Sandless sand bags are light weight,labour friendly and represent only a fraction of transport costs normally associated with traditional sandbags.

The Quick Dam exterior is made of a black, non-woven, polypropylene, a recyclable material, which provides UV protection for the inner, absorbent material,Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), which is otherwise subject to degradation by UV rays.
Environmentally friendly the SAP material is an inert , non-toxic biodegradable substance, and, the outer polypropylene too is inert (non-reactive / non-corrosive). Quick Dam, biodegradable and recyclable, an outstanding product protects us from Mother Nature, without harming Mother Nature. Truly a win-win partnership.

How to use Quick Dam flood remediation bags ,remove from the master bag of six, then immerse in water, the SAP rapidly absorbs the water, swelling in less than 5 minutes to a typical sand bag size weighing approximately 32 pounds / 14.5Kg. The Quick Dam is then able to be deployed building defensive barriers, or, water deflectors. Quick Dam bags may be stacked for fast response at doors and windows up to 2ft in height without further reinforcement. Higher walls may be constructed according to normal engineering for traditional sand bagging.

Flood control products for Canada and the USA: Quick Dam flood control bags ship within Canada and the USA, so if you traditionally look to heavy, awkward sandbags for water ingress protection, consider the new alternative. No longer will you have to wait on sand bagging alone for flood water diversion to protect from property flooding.

What if I'm not satisfied?If within 30 days from the date of purchase you are not fully satisfied with Quick Dam Sandless Sand Bags, please contact us for return information. Returned items must be sent shipping pre-paid, in original, unused condition and packaging for refund of the purchase price less shipping and any applicable drop-ship or customs handling fees. Items sent shipping collect will be subject to deduction from the original purchase price, or delivery may be refused.

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