Rapiid Ice Beer Chiller, Chills Beer in 5 Minutes.Keeps Beer Cold.

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 Rapid Ice by Vacuvin is perfect for keeping cold beer chilled from the first sip until the last. Great looking too, they'll dress up that barbecue or other leisure gathering of friends. Essentially a gel freezer pack, simply insert a bottle or can into a frozen Rapid Ice sleeve and it will maintain the temperature and even chill room temperature drinks - hence the name "Rapid Ice". The sleeve will also accommodate cans of pop and water bottles. Durable and easily cleaned....

90 Day satisfaction guarantee from tesco-shopping.com If Rapid Ice does not meet your satisfaction , simply return, postage paid, it within 90 days in original packaging for a refund of the purchase price less shipping, customs/broker handling fees or drop-ship fee.
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Raid Ice Beer Cooler Chills Beer Fast.

.... we've tested this item extensively and in a two year period it's still going strong. Even slightly oversized containers squeezed into Rapid Ice and it show no sign, whatsoever, of splitting seams. Not stiff, slick, or cold to the touch, Rapid Ice is flexible and comfortable to grasp. Tough and well made it'll last for years given reasonable care.

If you're a beer lover and prefer beer very cold, Rapid Ice is for you. Keeping a cold pint cold isn't going to happen once removed from the fridge but a cold one inserted in an insulated, icy cold Rapid Ice sleeve keeps a cold beer cold until the last refreshing drink.

For beer or other drinks not yet chilled a frozen Rapid Ice sleeve will reduce a room temperature drink down to 40 degrees in about 5 minutes, so be sure you keep a few stored in the freezer at all times. To speed things up further, place a warm beverage in the frozen Rapid Ice sleeve and pop it back in the freezer or fridge for just a few minutes. You won't be disappointed with this product ! .

Note: To clean the Rapid Ice only use a damp cloth; do not immerse, do not put in dishwasher, do not clean with abrasive or aggressive agents.

retunr instructions for Rapid Ice Beer chiller What if I'm not satisfied?
If within 90 days from the date of purchase, you are not fully satisfied with Rapid Ice Beer Coolers, contact TESCO Shopping for return address instructions. Items must sent shipping prepaid, in original condition and packaging for refund of the purchase price less shipping and any applicable drop-ship or customs handling fees. You must include a copy of your sales receipt.

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