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Pestacator, is an ingenious electronic pest control device intended to get rid of mice and rats, possibly even cockroaches, from within walls and ceilings. Interestingly, Pestacator is the original, patented technology that all others emulate but cannot duplicate to rid interior, electrically wired spaces of rodents particularly mice and rats. What's more Pestacator's technology is backed by third party university testing to support the manufacturers's claims of effectiveness to repel mice. Manufactured in the U.S.A. rather than offshore, this patent protected technology manipulates the existing electromagnetic/electrostatic fields which surround wiring, to pulse in a manner that is vexing to  Pestacator electronic rodent control.

90 Day satisfaction guarantee for Pestacator from If rats , mice aren't gone or if you are not satisfied return in original condtion and packaging within 365 days.
365 day
Satisfaction Guarantee



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  • patented technology;
  • 110v A/C;
  • 1 yr. guaranteed;
  • mice,bats, rats;
  • cockroaches, squirrels;
  • 3rd party tested.

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Rid Your House of Mice - Proven Effective and Guaranteed

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...auditory and nervous system of rodents. The devices are simple to use need only be plugged into any regular 110 volt outlet where the negative side of the plug is affected to begin the pulsations. I've spoken at length with the people at Global Instruments, including the engineer and to see the best results, it's advised that one Pestacator should be placed at one end of the home on one level and another at the opposite end of the home on the next level. For a three level home place another Pestacator at the opposite end of the home to that of the level below. Such a configuration will more thoroughly affect mice and rats behind walls and ceilings where they nest and dwell.

Why is Peastacator Plus superior to similar devices ? Global initiated and developed this technology, hold a patent on it and have been testing and developing it since 1983. Further, Global's claims are supported by in-house and third party testing, not excluding, of course, customer testimonials and satisfaction. Pestacator is manufactured in the U.S.A. and is subject to quality control measures before it leaves the factory and Global have a resident engineer on staff. They are an established company focused on providing a premium, effective product.

What about other pests ? Although not scientifically tested on cockroaches, bats, squirrels, customer testimonials to the manufacturer suggest that these pests ,even spiders and ants, are repelled by Pestacator and Pestacator Plus.

How does it work? Pestacator Plus uses patented technology which affects the electromagnetic and electrostatic field around wiring altering its normally static presence to a varying pulsation that rodents do not like. Pestacator Plus has a small speaker within the case that emits ultrasonic sound to further vex rats and mice. Do not use PestacatorPlus if you have rodent pets such as gerbils , hamsters and pet mice, instead utilize Pestactor. Cats and dogs will not be bothered by either model. The ultrasonic sound broadcast of PestacatorPlus is an effective, secondary feature that will further aggravate mice and drive them away.

Is Pestacator all I need ?Pestacator causes an inhospitable environment for rodents within the cavity spaces of walls and ceilings so mice will vacates those spaces. It is prudent to utilize traditional traps to capture mice as the "pot is stirred" , so to speak, and mice begin moving about seeking more comfortable areas. It's important to realize the Pestacator will not work to keep mice from entering from the outdoors, so keep this in mind, particularly in fall, when rodents are seeking a warm environment.

Coverage and performance: A single Pestacator Plus is sufficient for 2000 square feet of coverage and best placement configuration is one device on each level of the dwelling and staggered at opposite ends of the structure. Otherwise, and for single level dwellings, start with one device placed in a central location. Pestactor Plus has a one year manufacturer's warranty and a 365 day Satisfaction Guarantee from TESCO Ent. Ltd. Typically, PestacatorPlus has 3-5 year life expectancy working 24/7 to get rid of mice. Global make a top end product manufactured in the USA. Their in house testing indicates the device to be effective for getting rid of cockroaches too. Customer testimonials indicate Pestacator technology has been useful to get of bats and squirrels.

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Hi Greg,
After two months of problems with mice in a rental apartment (and the consistent us of mice traps) we consulting carpenters, friends, etc. They came up with some expensive and complicated "solutions". Someone finally told us about Greg and the magneto-sonic [ Pestacator ]devices. At this point we were willing to try anything, so our property manager ordered two for us. They are so simple to - just plug in and the mice come out. Our tenant is so happy, as he has no more mice issues. We now also have them in our home and some other properties we rent. I highly recommend this product. It works so quickly and so efficiently, and I feel it is more humane for the mice as well!

Robyn Landry
Longmont, Colorado,USA

Hi Greg,
I'm happy to tell you that the new order, and the included gift, arrived in good condition on January 28. The Pest A Cator Plus was effective from the moment I plugged it in. The previous day we had bought five mousetraps and set them in various locations around the townhouse. By the following morning five mice had perished in the one location where they were apparently entering the house and we were still hearing them in the walls. Those sounds ceased when the Pest A Cator was activated and we haven't heard them since. Nor has a single mouse approached any of the traps. It's clear that they're all gone. Impressive results! ... .
Many thanks for your good service and an excellent product!

Bill Phillips
Okanagan Falls, Canada

90 Day satisfaction guarantee Pestacator rodent repeller.
What if I'm not satisfied?

If within 365 days from the date of purchase you are not fully satisfied with Pestacator advise me ,then : return the product shipping prepaid, in original condition and packaging for refund of the purchase price less shipping and any applicable drop-ship or customs handling fees.

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