If you are dissatisfied with Magnetosonic rat and mouse control contact me then, return it, postage paid, in original condition and packaging for a refund of the purchase price less shipping. Be sure to quote the date of yout transaction and the S.O.#. call 877-823-5776 to order Magantosonic or Pest Control Delux.
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:Magnetosonic is purported to target rodents in the walls and ceilings where they hide and nest further the dual speakers affect the open air environment within room spaces with ultrasonic sound to chase mice and rats off. For a clearer picture, I contacted the the manufacturer, Lentek, here's what I discovered. 

30 Day satisfaction guarantee on Pest Contro , Magneto Sonic from tesco-shopping.com If rats insects and indoor pests aren't gone or if you are not satisfied return Magneto Sonic within 30 days.
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Pestacator Plus electronic technology

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electronic Magneto Sonic and Pest Contro Deluxe get rid of rats and  mice, without the use of poison.

$CAN 54.00

...The primary technology( for getting rid of mice and rats) applied by Magneto- Sonic PC2NM is Lentek's exclusive "Electromagnetic Technology" which utilizes the existing electrical field around wiring in your home's walls and ceilings to deliver irritating "pulsations" to mice and rats. One device is sufficient to affect an average size home and drive mice and rats away. A secondary technology applied by both devices is the "Sweeping Sound Ultrasonic Technology" feature, effective only in the in the open air space of a room where the device is placed. This ultrasonic sound bombards hearing of mice rats within that room with vexing, ultrasonic noise, but won't transmit through walls and ceilings to other areas. So if there is a particular space, i.e. basement or attic where mice, rats are concentrated, place Magneto-Sonic Pest control there.

What to expect: Magnetosonic provides temporary relief from rodents and will not necessarily prevent rodents from entering, rather it evicts rats and mice from within the comfort of hiding and nesting places in walls and ceilings. The manufacturer does not make claims as to the effectiveness of the device on roaches or other insects. No third party testing is avialble from the manufacturer to support claims..

  • Direct Plug-In;
  • Electromagnetic Technology;
  • Ultrasonic sweep sound ;
  • LED status indicators;
  • ultrasonic sound on/off switch;
  • UL (USA) and CE (Canada) Approved;
  • Effective against rats & mice;
  • power input: 100-120 volts;
  • Two year warranty.
  • Size 3 1/2"W x 5 1/2"L x 1"D 6.8 oz.

What is a Satisfaction Guarantee? If within 30 days from the date of sale you are not fully satisfied, simply advise me first and quote your Sales Order # and I'll provide the appropriate return address. Send Magneto Sonic postage pre-paid and in original packaging and condition for a refund of the purchase price, shipping is not refundable, nor any applicable broker/customs handling fees and/or drop-ship fees. Refund will be given upon receipt of product and Sales Order #, by TESCO Enterprises according to the afore noted conditions .

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