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TESCO means "The Eclectic Sales Company " and true to this, we offer an array of innovative, unique, useful, problem solving items that have been scrutinized and evaluated to ensure quality and effectiveness. We sell only what we believe to be exceptional products and associate our company with premier suppliers that work with us to ensure your satisfaction. Your inquiries are seen to personally and directly, rather than a call center employee insulated from reality, reading a product description script. Instead, we take your satisfaction personally, so it is a priority before and after the sale:

Customer comments:
Hi there Greg
I would like to thank you for your assistance last week with tracking the delivery... . Your assistance helped us ensure that we received the package without delay while my sister, ... was still in Calgary. If delivery had been delayed, we would have had huge difficulty in getting the package to us in South Africa. So I am very appreciative of your help. You were also very pleasant and co-operative during all of our interactions with you. Well done on excellent customer service!
Take care & kind regards
Paroshni Mudaly

Senior Manager
Assurance & Advisory Services
Deloitte & Touche
South Africa
Thank you Greg
i just received my order today along with the free jar. its really unfortunate that the order is so late, but these things do happen. the difference between a company that cares about their customers and ones that dont is what you have shown me! So thanks so much and i will surely continue to shop with you! you didnt have to do what you did and most wouldnt have but it is much appreciated!

Greg: I want to thank you for the prompt service you have provided in solving the problems encountered with my shipping fees. You were quick to respond to my inquiry, the product was well packaged, and I will say I, as a former small business owner, was totally impressed by the level and quality of customer service you provided..I look forward to doing business with you in the near future, and will constantly be on the lookout for new products brought out by your company..thank you..
Pauline L.
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
You are an angel Greg!!
When ordering, there was no indication of a shipping date to Hawaii. ... just wondering if this item is going to get to me in time for Christmas? Please verify. [ logistics and tracking details provided promptly from a tesco-shopping premier supplier ESI Marketing in CA ] Thank you so much Greg! Will keep my fingers crossed. I am extremely pleased with your service, fair prices, and super fast responses. So very much appreciated, seriously. Thank you once again, I am so glad to have found your company and would highly recommend it to anyone I know. Please post my comments. Have a wonderful Christmas! Aloha,

Honolulu, USA
Thank you for the prompt service. The customer service you give is great.
Tina B

NL, Canada
Your follow-through on this has been impressive Greg. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that understands customer service. Thanks for your prompt response, Greg. I understand that things can happen that do not reflect normal business practices. The real test of a company is the quality of their response when something does go awry. I will continue to do business with you based on your follow-through to my concern.
Thanks again. Jerry

Hello Greg,
Thank you for your assistance concerning Dog Silencer Pro. Your professionalism and understanding are very much appreciated, as is your trust with respect to my past experience [buying online].
It is pleasure doing business with you!

I have to thank you for your exceptional efforts in resolving problems I had with a few products, & in replacing them when they failed to work properly. This saved me a lot of worry & money shipping products to the US to have them repaired. Thank you very much,

Ontario, Canada.
Hi Greg,
I just wanted to give you some feedback on the MK-12…what a great machine. We have now had it running continually for over a month and we can now sit in our back yard at dusk and not be driven back into the house by the mosquitoes. We back onto woods and the mosquitoes are (were) very thick and now after the MK-12 has been running we rarely see any of them. I just thought you should know how well the product works and that we are more than satisfied.
Also, Greg, I would like to thank you for your quick responses to my e-mails and your excellent service, you have earned my business and I will look to you for future purchases.
Take care and have a great day.

Doug D.
Ontario, Canada
Hi Greg
Ok thank u very much for your outstanding customer service and dedication to my problem..i really appreciate it.

Chris A
Georgia, USA
I noticed that you had refunded my Visa account for the scat mat (due to the fact that you could not supply the extension mat). We really appreciate the way you handled this order and would certainly do business with you again.
Shirley Tyler
I just wanted to thank you for the very professional way you and your company handled my problem, As you know, I ordered four sets of the Cozy feet and somehow put the wrong street member on the order form, something I just cannot figure out but alas it happened. But together we tried to find the package and determined that FEDEX had delivered it to a nonexistent address on the street for which they could not explain what happened to the parcel. You being a very gracious gentleman stated you would contact the company and ask them to contact the shipper [FedEx] and have them take care of it, however, they did one step better, they immediately shipped out a new order and said they would then contact the shipper [FedEx] and have them make good on the cost of the products, this proves to me your company TESCO and the companies you deal with in this case BIRD X are first class operations. You indicated to me I would be receiving new product on Friday the 12Th of October and I received them today the 11Th of October. Greg I would like to sincerely thank you for all your effort and of course professionalism concerning this matter. I will never hesitate recommending your company to anyone. Thank you.

Marty O
Washington , USA
Thank you for your help and prompt attention ... . I want to congratulate you on your excellent website. It was easy to use, concise and to the point.
David Gittens.
I recieved the confirmation for the refund. Thanks for standing behind your product and honor your word.

Roy Bullon
Recently I purchased a product called “ Bark Free’ from TESCOSHOPPING ONLINE SHOPPING.WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE THIS HAS BEEN. I have always been leery of shopping online, so to have a problem would not help this situation. I received my “bark Free” product and it was missing some parts that were supposed to come with the shipment. I contacted Greg of TESCOSHOPPING and explained that some parts were missing. Greg immediately e-mailed me back and told he would check with the manufacturer of the product and see what he could do it fix the problem. Greg didn’t wait to reply once he found out the problem could be resolved. Greg had the manufacturer Canpar Express ship the parts to me overnight delivery. Within two business days Greg had taken care of everything without having to bug him to do so. I would highly recommend TESCOSHOPPING online shopping. I am allowing Greg to use my name as a reference, because of his commitment to customer service. Greg’s company handles many items, so if you want good service and good prices then contact TESCO ENTERPRISES.

Thank You, Greg.
Yours Truly, Eric Richter
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for the help getting the replacement fan. It arrived quickly and is working great. I can now rest easy knowing that in the spring it will be ready to go again.
Thanks again,

Paul Rose

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